Chairman joins other local entrepreneurs to try and help build a stronger local economy

Andrew Horncastle is committing time and resources to a brilliant local initiative called For Entrepreneurs Only, which is designed to help boost the region’s economy.

For Entrepreneurs Only is a group of successful local entrepreneurs from Hull and East Yorkshire who are passionate about the local area and who recognise the vital role that entrepreneurship can play in increasing our region’s economic success.

The aim of the group is to help and support those who want to take the step of starting and growing their own business and by doing so create more employment opportunities in the Hull and East Yorkshire area. The members of the group have a very diverse collective experience which is there and available to all. The group is open to anyone making an approach seeking help and the benefit of the practical experience of members.

In Andrew’s case, he is on hand to discuss property and construction related issues, operational business challenges and problems and general matters that are encountered in setting up and running a businesses.

Andrew said “this is a great new group with a fresh approach, if I look back I learned most by observing and listening to other business people to whom I looked up to and respected. In turn I have developed and shaped our successful business by taking all the good bits and learning to avoid the bad. Things stay with you, I was once told ‘it’s not what you have made, it is what you could have made’, and on another occasion ‘never sign anything you haven’t read’ and many other gems that have served to guide me”.

The region has some significant challenges with high levels of unemployment and low levels of aspiration, but we also have big opportunities circling and these must be grasped in a way that gives the local people the life chances they deserve. We have a lot of talented people in this region and this group wants to play a part in helping that talent achieve their dreams.

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