The Daisy Appeal Video

The Daisy Appeal video is now complete and shows the positive effect to which the Daisy Appeal has throughout East Yorkshire and the wider region.

The video tells the stories of people who have been affected by various diseases and how the charity has helped diagnose patients using the PET-CT scanner, housed at the Jack Brignall PET-CT Centre at Castle Hill Hospital.

The first phase of the appeal managed to raise enough money to fund the scanner, which is one of only a few permanent scanners housed in the UK. There are many portable scanners throughout the country however demand for diagnosis means there is a strain on the system to accommodate this. The scanner detects early signs of cancer, heart conditions and neurological diseases and increases research capabilities and advanced imaging of patients.

The second phase of the Daisy Appeal is aiming to raise a further £4.25 million in order to house a machine known as a cyclotron at Castle Hill Hospital. This will allow for radioactive tracers to be produced on site which aid the advanced imaging process, resulting in earlier detection and greater accuracy in the treatment of cancer and neurological diseases, including Alzheimer’s.

Horncastle for a number of years have been keen supporters of the Daisy Appeal with chairman Andrew Horncastle being a trustee and involved in the charity since 2010. Please take some time to watch the video above and find out how you can help by donating to the Daisy Appeal. For more information please visit and follow the charity on Twitter @DaisyAppeal, using the hashtag #SavingLocalLives when tweeting!

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